New Hosting and Junk from Outer Space 2

Well, I’ve moved to a new host, Linux Hosts Inc., I was on 000webhost before. This new host should be faster, more stable and I can use the site to host content for my new game…

…Junk from Outer Space 2, which you can find right here at GitHub. It’s a complete remake of the original Junk from Outer Space, because the old codebase is a mess and not easy to expand on. With the new one I will be able to do a lot of things I couldn’t before. It’s still in it’s early “pre-alpha” stages, as I’m just working on the codebase itself, but hopefully soon I’ll be getting to the real fun part.

Binaries are not yet available, so if you want to play it you’ll need to compile it yourself. I recommend theĀ NetBeansĀ IDE as the GitHub repository includes project info for it.