New Site Theme and Some Updates

Well, after going nearly 3 years old without any updates, the theme the site was using finally broke. Even the admin panel was all sorts of fucked up. So I found a new theme I’m happy with, customized it a bit, and everything is back in working order. Let me know what you think, I’m always looking to improve it.

In other news, I really should update this blog on a somewhat regular basis, as the last post was way back in 2012. I usually use the blog for big updates, but there haven’t been any in a while. Maybe I’ll announce important stuff here, like my next game playthrough or other stuff like that. As I’ve said on Twitter, I have a new project I’m working on with some friends, but I’m not officially announcing what it is yet, so stay tuned for that. Oh yeah, my internet is still absolute ass so streaming is a no-go. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Stay tuned for future updates!

P.S. You probably didn’t notice, but the site is now hosted on my dedicated box and cached through CloudFlare.

About the Stream…

Well, first of all I gave the site a new layout. Let me know what you think!

Now, as for the stream, since my internet blows I won’t be doing it anymore. Whenever I do stream, it’ll just be testing stuff, all my game playthroughs will be on YouTube from now on. I may get back into streaming if/when I get better internet, but for now that’s it.

I have lots of plans for YouTube, and I’ve been experiment with render settings in Sony Vegas to try and get 720p without the files being too large, so possibly HD videos in the future. Black Mesa won’t be in HD because I didn’t record with Fraps at a high enough resolution, but future games will be recorded in HD. I should note there will be no more videos after Black Mesa until I get my new computer in a few months, so sorry but Fraps just takes up too much space. I’m getting the AVerMedia C985 Capture Card, so that’ll sure be fun!

New Hosting and Junk from Outer Space 2

Well, I’ve moved to a new host, Linux Hosts Inc., I was on 000webhost before. This new host should be faster, more stable and I can use the site to host content for my new game…

…Junk from Outer Space 2, which you can find right here at GitHub. It’s a complete remake of the original Junk from Outer Space, because the old codebase is a mess and not easy to expand on. With the new one I will be able to do a lot of things I couldn’t before. It’s still in it’s early “pre-alpha” stages, as I’m just working on the codebase itself, but hopefully soon I’ll be getting to the real fun part.

Binaries are not yet available, so if you want to play it you’ll need to compile it yourself. I recommend the NetBeans IDE as the GitHub repository includes project info for it.

A Big Update

Well, since Minecraft Classic is dead, I guess that’s it for the server. I’ve removed the link to it, since it doesn’t work anymore and I won’t be putting the server up ever again. It was fun while it lasted, but the novelty of Classic just kind of wore off.

In other news, I’ve decided to cancel the LP of Super Mario Sunshine, and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is on hold until a future date. I’m just not interested in SMS anymore, and PM:TTYD I think to work on quite a bit before uploading new videos. I’ve got a new series though, but I’m not going to reveal it just yet. Here’s a hint: it’s a first-person shooter. And no, it’s not any online shit, it’s a singleplayer game with an actual storyline.

As for streaming, I haven’t been very into it lately, mostly because I have no idea what to play and nobody watches anyways. I might do it occasionally… maybe… if I find a good game to play. But for now I don’t plan on streaming anything.

So I guess that’s all, take care.

Minecraft Server Going Down

Due to really bad internet issues, I’m gonna shut the server off for a while. It’ll be back when my internet is fixed. I apologize for this.

P.S. Short blog is short. 😛

I might bring it up sometimes, either bored or playing with friends. Keep an eye out. 😉

During this downtime, I’m going to be looking for new ops. I need people to moderate the server when I can’t. Feel free to apply via email.

Minecraft Classic Server

The server will be returning soon! I need to move it to my new computer, the machine it’s on doesn’t work right. As of writing this I am moving the MySQL database, it takes time since it’s over 300 MB in size.

Once the server is moved, it will be more reliable and more stable. It also shouldn’t have connection failures that require a restart, which by the way turned out to be a hardware problem with the host machine. Not sure when I’ll officially put the server back up, I need to make sure everything is working first. I’ll update this post when it’s up.

The server is fully moved and working, but I’m not putting it up just yet. It’ll be a few days. You can access the server at this link when it’s up, however.

Okay, so the server got grieved on a daily basis before, which is why it’s been in white-list mode. However, I came up with a solution: a trusted rank! It’s simple, new players can build on the guest map, and if they prove they won’t grief then I give them the trusted rank and they can build on more maps. The guest map will be reset regularly, so as not to leave it filled with crap. Lava Survival will still be open to guests, so don’t worry about that. I think this new system will work well. The server will be open soon, so join when it is!

Okay, the server is officially online! Access it here! Have fun!