About Me

Hello, welcome to the official website of Techjar Gaming, owned and operated by none other than Techjar! Note: Techjar Gaming is not any kind of official company, just a made-up name for everything I do.

I live in Florida. As you can probably guess by my name, I’m super into technology and video games; call it a way of life. I do live streams on Twitch, because I enjoy playing games and talking about stuff, especially with other people. I also upload full archives of said streams to YouTube, along with other random highlight videos and stuff.

I live in the middle of nowhere (not quite Courage the Cowardly Dog nowhere), but thanks to Starlink I’m able to have a fast, low latency, and fairly reliable internet connection. I was stuck on a 1.6/0.3 Mbps DSL connection for over a decade, which made most things on the modern internet painful or impossible. Starlink finally arrived in December 2021 though, and things have been much better since.

I also know a decent amount of programming in several languages, including but not limited to Java, Python and C++. Once you learn a couple programming languages, you’ve learned them all. I work on Vivecraft, a VR mod for Minecraft. It’s pretty awesome (not tooting my own horn, just ask others), and you should absolutely check it out if you have a VR headset. I’ve also made a game called Junk from Outer Space 2, it’s still in development though and basically not a game at the moment. You can get it here. It’s fully open-source, so you may modify it how you wish. You can also check out the original Junk from Outer Space, but it’s no longer being worked on and is hard to get running.

So, that’s pretty much everything (un)interesting about me. If you have any other questions, or just want to share something, you can contact me using one of the methods on the contact page. Just don’t make it weird, okay?