Hello, welcome to the official website of Techjar Gaming, owned and operated by none other than Techjar! Note: Techjar Gaming is not any kind of official company, just a made-up name for everything I do.

I live in Florida. As you can probably guess by my name, I like “tech” stuff. I’m a huge computer and gaming nerd, so you’ll find that I talk about that stuff quite a lot. I do videos about games YouTube, because I enjoy playing games and talking about stuff, especially with other people. I’d prefer to do live streams, but I can’t for reasons explained below.

I still live with my parents (apartments are expensive!) and I’m not currently in school, so I’m online pretty much all the time. I often get bored though, because I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t have any friends who come over to my house. Ah well, at least there’s the internet to entertain me, and friends on there to boot! Speaking of internet, I can’t get good internet because of where I live, so I’m stuck on a 3.0/0.5 Mbps connection, and we have┬ásatellite TV (which isn’t bad at all, except it dies in thunderstorms, which are common here).

I also know a decent amount of programming in several languages, including Java. I’ve made a game called Junk from Outer Space 2, it’s still in development though. You can get it here. It is fully open-source, so you may modify it how you wish. You can also check out the original Junk from Outer Space, but it’s no longer being worked on.

So, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about me. If you have anymore questions, you can contact me using one of the methods on the contact page.