New Site Theme and Some Updates

Well, after going nearly 3 years old without any updates, the theme the site was using finally broke. Even the admin panel was all sorts of fucked up. So I found a new theme I’m happy with, customized it a bit, and everything is back in working order. Let me know what you think, I’m always looking to improve it.

In other news, I really should update this blog on a somewhat regular basis, as the last post was way back in 2012. I usually use the blog for big updates, but there haven’t been any in a while. Maybe I’ll announce important stuff here, like my next game playthrough or other stuff like that. As I’ve said on Twitter, I have a new project I’m working on with some friends, but I’m not officially announcing what it is yet, so stay tuned for that. Oh yeah, my internet is still absolute ass so streaming is a no-go. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Stay tuned for future updates!

P.S. You probably didn’t notice, but the site is now hosted on my dedicated box and cached through CloudFlare.

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