Minecraft Classic Server

The server will be returning soon! I need to move it to my new computer, the machine it’s on doesn’t work right. As of writing this I am moving the MySQL database, it takes time since it’s over 300 MB in size.

Once the server is moved, it will be more reliable and more stable. It also shouldn’t have connection failures that require a restart, which by the way turned out to be a hardware problem with the host machine. Not sure when I’ll officially put the server back up, I need to make sure everything is working first. I’ll update this post when it’s up.

The server is fully moved and working, but I’m not putting it up just yet. It’ll be a few days. You can access the server at this link when it’s up, however.

Okay, so the server got grieved on a daily basis before, which is why it’s been in white-list mode. However, I came up with a solution: a trusted rank! It’s simple, new players can build on the guest map, and if they prove they won’t grief then I give them the trusted rank and they can build on more maps. The guest map will be reset regularly, so as not to leave it filled with crap. Lava Survival will still be open to guests, so don’t worry about that. I think this new system will work well. The server will be open soon, so join when it is!

Okay, the server is officially online! Access it here! Have fun!

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