About the Stream…

Well, first of all I gave the site a new layout. Let me know what you think!

Now, as for the stream, since my internet blows I won’t be doing it anymore. Whenever I do stream, it’ll just be testing stuff, all my game playthroughs will be on YouTube from now on. I may get back into streaming if/when I get better internet, but for now that’s it.

I have lots of plans for YouTube, and I’ve been experiment with render settings in Sony Vegas to try and get 720p without the files being too large, so possibly HD videos in the future. Black Mesa won’t be in HD because I didn’t record with Fraps at a high enough resolution, but future games will be recorded in HD. I should note there will be no more videos after Black Mesa until I get my new computer in a few months, so sorry but Fraps just takes up too much space. I’m getting theĀ AVerMedia C985 Capture Card, so that’ll sure be fun!

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